Our in-house Developed Products
Across The Street Digital Marketing Restaurant Toolbox provides business owners and marketers every tool necessary to manage restaurants online. Our mission is to give restaurants a one-stop solution for every online need. We help restaurants by increasing online visibility, retaining customers, attracting new customers.

LeadsLite: Online Sales Lead Management Software.
Web application to manage Sales Lead.
Optimize communication with prospects

Consolidate leads from different source
Lead capture. qualifying and assignment.
Managing history of lead and converting to a customer
Manager’s Dashboard / Monitoring sales team’s activity
Multi user (unlimited) environment
Online system accessibility (24X7)
Instant and online reporting to monitor sales lead aging
Identifying leads for upcoming launches

Ventra: The main objective of VENTRA is to simplify the inventory management and keeping clear picture of the existing inventory items/monetary value of the current stock based on financial year/period to date/month to date. This system helps you to manage your inventory at an optimum level.
Ventra has the following modules:
Item Details.
Issue / Expense.
Vendor Details.
Backup & Restore.
Receipt(With Purchase Order or without Purchase Order)..

CCEMax – India’s leading CBSE CCE Grading Software for KVs, DAVs, DPS, Army Public Schools etc.

CCE Grading System The CBSE CCE scheme has thrown up a lot of challenges towards CCE grading & evaluation of student’s performance. Some of the key questions that key school stakeholders are asking –
How will the CCE Grading System be effectively deployed in the classroom?
What is the CCE Software that is best equipped to address my CBSE grading scheme?
What is the CCE pattern that is most effectively mapped in a CCE software?
How will I ensure that adequate information is captured to prepare CBSE CCE Report Cards?
Will the new scheme of CCE in CBSE lead to improved student performance?

PayTrek: Desktop apps for Payroll and Vendor Payment.
software product development company
Reporting Employee HR/ Payroll data.
Reporting Employee HR/ Payroll data.

Tax computation and estimation.
Support available as per Govt. regulation.
Generation of Form 16 for employees & printing.
Managing statement of TDS for the party/ vendor payment.
Desktop application for Payroll and Vendor Payment.
Employee payroll processing and monthly pay slip & printing.
Employee Leave management / Creating employee Leave statement

ERP Apps for Construction/ Real Estate Developers: Jointly with Praneeth Developers, we are developing an ERP Application for Real Estate Businesses. It is an end to end apps for Real Estate Industry. We will launch beta version by end of Oct-2015. Keep yourself updated for further announcement through our website. If you have any interest for this product/ apps, please write to us.